Vetting Process

Background check isn’t about ticking off ‘yes’ ‘no’ answers from a list; if you do that, you might as well skip them. Doing references calls well is about planning and digging in to get to know more about the candidate and the resume they’ve given you.

The vetting process usually begins after the candidate has gone through the initial set of interviews. Conducting the background check too early can be a waste of resources and money, while vetting too late may mean that the company will need to find a replacement if there is an issue with the employee’s background.

While vetting differs from company to company, there are some key practices following when conducting a background check on a potential employee. At Hyratch, we make sure that the vetting process is clear, concise and standard among all applicants. Every person considered for the position should go through the same background check. We ensure that the consent forms are easily understood and signed before the background check starts. Also, avoid requests for deeply personal or extra information that does not apply to the job.