Who We Are?

We follow a best practice model that efficiently and affordably finds
the right people ready to fit into your organization

Hyratch Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is a new generation startup HR Consultancy Firm. We are an energized group of specialists that cooperate to locate the best available talent in the market so as to enable organization’s productivity and efficiency. We try to understand the business so as to fulfill the talent need which is vital as that of skills and knowledge required.

Hyratch Consultancy Pvt. Ltd assists to find exceptionally gifted experts across various industry segments for leading Indian business houses as well as multinational corporations. We connect an organization with skilled experts that reflect both corporate culture and the perfect hopeful characteristics that an association searching for in new hires. Regardless of whether they are looking to recruit temporary or permanent staff and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior Management Level. Keeping this in mind we use our expertise to identify the skills sought by employers across industry verticals.

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Why you should relate with Hyratch?

Well trained and efficient manpower with In depth field knowledge/Focused Expertise.

We have a team of scouts having over 5 years of expertise in varied business sectors also having an experience of working in various states, i.e., Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, NCRT and Madhya Pradesh that will help to understand the industry requirements. Whether you are a candidate searching for a great role or an employer seeking top talent, our skilled & experienced scout’s team can help you to reach your staffing goals.

Holistic approach

We support various ways of working approaches to pool the best talent from the active and non-active marketplace. By combining holistic ways for creating a database with our experience, we help to find the right talent for our client’s. It includes a complete and vast understanding of all the aspect of Human Resource and way of processing; it covers everything that enables us to achieve the organizational goals.

Quality vetting process

Background checking is the process of authenticating the information supplied to a potential employer by a job applicant in his or her resume, application, interviews, and references. Before sharing any resume for a particular job opening, our consultant re-checks all the information written in the resume, so that the chances of rejection will minimize.

Act Differently

We believe that the way in which things are as of now being done in the field of Human Resource is not adequate. The “act differently” principle for recruiting means to attract industries best talent effectively, you must separate yourself from your rivals by offering innovative but effective new recruiting strategies. We identify and attract the skilled candidates through a very focused and intricate Talent Acquisition approach, which provides you with a competitive advantage.

Collaborative Hiring Process

Since hiring is a crucial decision, there is no logical reason to exclude it from collaborative decision-making. Hiring collaboratively will give diverse and wide-range perspectives on what a new role ought to look like, how potential candidates measure up to expectations, and what problems could occur in the future. It drastically decreases the risk of bad hires and ensures that any new hire will fit in well with the team culture. If you hire a new employee, they should not only be the ideal candidate for the particular area – their knowledge in other areas also has to be right. A good work environment and a strong relationship between all work areas often determine the performance and success of a company.

Innovative talent searching

Innovation is unfortunately rare in the field of HR, so having it within the recruiting process sends a powerful message to candidates that innovation and boldness permeate the firm. Innovative techniques can help organizations to revolutionize their approach to their referral policy, referral systems, social media recruiting tools and on boarding as the last stage of an effective recruitment process. These innovative recruitment practices are broken down into the three strategic areas of recruitment: Employer Branding, Sourcing and Candidate Assessment.
We at Hyratch consultancy Pvt. Ltd helps companies to build best teams, focusing on ground level, C-level and VP-level roles. We use various creative talent pool techniques to get best candidates for available job positions. Our goal is to successfully complete the search within 90 days or less than that.

Success Ratio

Our Clientele / 91%
Talent Acquisation / 90%
Training & Placement / 86%
Payroll Outsourcing / 39%


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