Resume Building

A strong, professionally written resume and covering letter can
double your chances of landing your dream job.

A real RECRUITER takes 6 seconds per CV RESUME. 6 seconds is the norm, evidently, in the industry. In these 6 seconds he/she can decide whether the candidate is qualified, overqualified or under qualified. No intelligent hiring manager wants just a skill set. They know the biggest value of a person is their future potential. They can only see that potential if they read your resumes. A resume that sells you so recruiters immediately notice it and are favorably impressed. Your resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you.
A good resume goes a long way.

The person reading your CV will be looking for answers to two basic questions:

  1. Does this person have the skills to do the job?
  2. Will they suit our company?

Make sure the answer to both of these questions is YES by:

  • Building your CV to match what they’re looking for?
  • Be confident that your skills meet their needs?
  • Pointing out the value you could bring to their team/business?

Our experts can help you to improve your CV.
We will make an ‘individual deals report’ that concentrate on your career goals and clearly expresses your experience and skills in a way that helps you to represent as future potential for the company.